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The Cheese-Rolling at Cooper's Hill in Gloucestershire, once organised by a group of individuals, many of whom lived in the vicinity of Cooper's hill, is now in recent years, planned and organised by a committee of members of the company CHCRC Ltd.

In 2010 the Organising Committee decided that they could not run the Cheese rolling event at Cooper's Hill, they cancelled the official event and absented themselves from the area on the day.

The main reason given was that they were unable, in the time available, to arrange sufficient insurance cover.

There was much ill-informed  speculation in the news media, both locally and worldwide, that the event was cancelled by the local authorities and the Health and Safety Executive, taking direct action to prevent the event from running in 2010. 
(HSE all too often is used as a scapegoat and excuse to cover a multitude of actions by individuals or organisations and decisions to prevent or cancel events and functions. This is not, and never was the reason for the existence of HSE in the UK!)

This was untrue, in fact the HSE has published a report entitled: 

"A Review of the management of crowd safety at outdoor street/special events"
Prepared by Professor Chris Kemp Teresa Moore of the Buckinghamshire New University
This report praised the organisation of the Cheese Rolling at Coopers Hill.
Special mention was made, regarding the important advice given to the public at in general by this web site (www.cheese-rolling.co.uk), information that was not made available in concise form elsewhere, specifically relating to the unique circumstances surrounding this event and the location at Cooper's Hill.

"The Cheese Rolling & Wake, Cooper’s Hill, Gloucestershire was chosen as a case study because it was a free, well-established, traditional event, organised by a local volunteer committee, took place over a short time during the day in spring on public land. It was the smallest of the case study events (around 5,000 attended). It was considered to provide the research team with a rich source of material and examples of good practice that would feed into the wider research project."

NOTE: The official report published by the Health & Safety Executive, which compliments many of the aspects of the officially organised Cheese Rolling at Cooper's Hill, gives an attendance figure of around 5,000. this is far from the wildly exaggerated figure of 15,000 which was reportedly given by police estimates, however this figure has never been substantiated in writing from any official source. 

The Only Official Report, known to be publicly available, is the HSE Report mentioned here. The 5,000 figure is likely to be the correct figure as this figure has been given as a result of dedicated research, specifically into crowd safety at outdoor and special events, for the HSE, this is also the approximate capacity of the site and it's environs.

The 5,000 mentioned in the report published by the HSE is divided approximately 50/50 between the relatively enclosed area of the sides and foot of the hill and the expanse of open meadow beyond the cottages and land at the foot of the hill, opening out and falling gently away from the site.

It is undoubtedly the unsubstantiated figure of 15,000, which has been repeated over and over again in the press and elsewhere, that has caused the problems resulting in the cancellation of the official event in 2010.

Following announcement of the cancellation of the official event, there was much speculation that an un-official event would take place spontaneously.

Statements were published in the press and elsewhere by individuals affirming their intention to visit the hill on May 31st. (Cheese Rolling Day), as a tribute to the historic event.

Police were present in substantial numbers in an attempt to prevent the public having access to the site with vehicles, but they were unable to prevent access on foot to the ancient site of the Cheese Rolling as it is common land and the roads are public thoroughfare.

In the event, a program of unofficial races was organised and took place efficiently, on the official cheese rolling day, on time and without incident or injury to persons or property.

The 2010 "Un-official" Cheese Rolling Event

The event was organised by Chris Anderson together with his dad John Anderson Snr.

Master of Ceremonies was Paul Burrows.

Full details of the 2010 event can be found elsewhere on this site together with authenticated results of the races.

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