2010 Unofficial Event

2010 Heralds the first "Unofficial" "Organised" Cheese Rolling event at Cooper's Hill.

On the morning of Monday 31st May, following the cancellation of the officially organised Cheese Rolling at Cooper's Hill, a small crowd of press, prospective competitors and spectators gathered at the top of the Cheese Rolling slope in anticipation of an unofficial event.

Speculation has been rife in the press and broadcast media that there would be such an event. dedicated Followers of the event had indicated their intent to visit the site as a tribute to this ancient spectacle, even if there was to be no cheeses rolled down. Chris Anderson, many times a competitor and multiple winner, has said in an interview, that he was compulsively drawn to the hill and would run down, even if there was no event nor even a cheese, just for the joy of it.

As the day unfolded before us, we were treated to an excellent unofficial event.
The "Unofficial" event was indeed very well organised!

There were four downhill races as normal, starting exactly at the Official starting time of Midday.

The "Organisers" of this unofficial event had arranged their own Master of Ceremonies and a fine line of catchers at the foot of the hill.

A Double Gloucester Cheese, as is the tradition, had been obtained and dressed in white with the customary blue & red ribbons. The cheese was somewhat smaller than usual, this to reduce the danger of injury if the cheese went astray!

The event played out to an estimated audience of 400 - 500, not only locals, but also to visitors, both regular and new, from as far away as Sheffield, some commitment there for an event which was officially cancelled two months ago!

The event was organised by Chris Anderson together with his dad John Anderson Snr.

Master of Ceremonies was Paul Burrows.

The rollers were:

Race 1 - John Anderson Jnr.

Race 2 - Chris Anderson.

Race 3 (The Women's Race) - Jamie Lee.

Race 4 - Jamie Lee.

Winners of the races were:

Race 1
Winner - Chris Anderson
Second Place - Jamie Lee 

Race 2
Winner - Ryan Fairley
Second Place - Arron Harris

Race 3
Winner - Tanya Silverman
(Thanks to Jason Scott for naming his aunt)
Second Place - Sophie Bace

Race 4
Winner - Chris Anderson
Second Place (Unknown)

Congratulations Chris, John and all your willing helpers.

Thank you for a great traditional day out!

The event really is in your blood Chris,
you are the true spirit of the Cheese Rolling.

You really did the Cheese Rolling proud!

There was no on-site medical cover, but GWAS had appealed for extra ambulances and drivers on standby to cover, should the need have arisen.

Police cover was more visible than in previous years, intent on dissuading visitors to the hill, but their services were not needed, except for keeping the traffic flowing on the A46 and keeping the lanes clear for emergencies.
Most of the many dedicated visitors arriving, used the many alternative routes to the hill, over the fields and through the woods.

As the event was unofficial, the webmaster of this site does not have full details of the winners and catchers.
If you wish to have details or any other information, to be published, please contact webmaster@cheese-rolling.co.uk

Congratulations to Chris and his team for upholding the ancient tradition of Cheese Rolling at Cooper's Hill in Gloucestershire.


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