2013 Documentary film by Gaspard Renault.

2014 Entry for the London City Film Festival.

"Nom D'Un Fromage"

 Cheese-Rolling at Cooper's Hill.


This film by French Film Maker Gaspard Renault documents images of Gloucestershire including the world famous village of Bibury in the Cotswolds, moving on to interviews with locals of Brockworth, including John Anderson, father of Chris Anderson, winner of 15 Cheeses so far (including another two in 2015), he is well known in the local community and to the many followers worldwide of the famous Cheese-Rolling at Cooper's Hill. 
The documentary moves on to SMART'S Farm in Birdwood (Glos), where Rod Smart, son of the owner Diane Smart talks about and demonstrates the making of the famous Double Gloucester Cheese which is used for the Cheese-Rolling. 
SMART's is the last cheese maker producing the Double Gloucester Cheese by hand using the traditional methods, their cheeses have been used for the event for at least the last 25 years.

NOM D'UN FROMAGE ! from Gaspard Renault on Vimeo.

...and so... 

The great annual tradition of Cheese Rolling at Cooper's Hill, carries on unbroken.


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