In 2004,  the event took place as planned.

The weather forecast was for a very wet day, but the sun shone and the crowd of between 3,000 and 4,000 people seemed to thoroughly enjoy the day.

A new rescue team - SARAID (Search And Rescue In Disaster) -  was present and performed a brilliant and efficient job in rescuing the casualties from the hill.

St. John Ambulance, who are the irreplaceable first aid team for the event, were, once again an absolute necessity, and dealt with numerous apparently serious incidents.

Only one casualty was sent to hospital. (One other refused to go!)

We are very grateful to all members of these teams, the official event could not take place without their assistance.


 RACE 1 - 1st. -  Padam Shreer (soldier from  the Royal Ghurkha Regiment)
                  2nd. - Hermann Stassen
                  3rd. -  Chris Anderson
RACE 2 - 1st - Marc Ellis (New Zealand rugby international who played for the All Blacks)
                  2nd - Paul Kerr
                  3rd. - Matthew Rich
(also running in the race was Leo Vanderelst (a Belgian ex-football star)
                   1st. - Dionne 'Muppet' Carter (from New Zealand)
                   2nd. - Jo Stratton (from Canada)
                   3rd. - Felicity MacArthur
RACE 4 -  1st. - Aaron Walden
                   2nd. - Rob Milligan
                   3rd. - Stephen Gyde (holds the record for the most cheeses won,
                                                            21 cheeses in 14 years - 1978 to 1991)
'Veteran' Stephen Brain, who (with 16 cheeses between 1984 and 2000), is runner-up to the record held by Stephen Gyde, unfortunately fell in the first race and broke his ankle.

Dionne Carter, winner of the ladies' race 2004 JMJ.jpg (155245 bytes)

Stephen Gyde,record  winner of 21 cheeses in 14 years, 3rd. in his come-back  in 2004 JMJ.jpg (155826 bytes)

Marc Ellis, NZ All Blacks player JMJ.jpg (140835 bytes)

Dionne Carter

Stephen Gyde

Marc Ellis

(Photos by J.J.)
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