In 2006, the event was again held as planned, commencing at mid-day.


Race one, the event starts at noon!

Jason Crowther
Jason Crowther

Landshipping, Pembrokeshire, South Wales
  2nd. Craig Fairley Brockworth, Gloucester
  3rd. Carl Gyde Brockworth, Gloucester


Start of the race

Craig Fairley
Craig Fairley

Brockworth, Gloucester
  2nd. John Fairley Brockworth, Gloucester
  3rd. Jack Williams Brockworth, Gloucester


Start of race 3, the ladies race

Dionne Carter
Dionne Carter, wins again!

Auckland, New Zealand
  2nd. Caroline Roberts Brockworth, Gloucester
  3rd. Kirsty Pettifer Australia


Race 4, the cheese starts it's rapid descent of the hill

Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson

Brockworth, Gloucester
  2nd. Craig Fairley Brockworth, Gloucester
  3rd. Wayne Stevens Gloucester

Due to enormous demand and due to the increase in competitor numbers, this year we have added an additional race - Race 5! 

The start of race 5, added due to increased number of competitors

Andrew Brewin
Andrew Brewing

Southampton, Hampshire
  2nd. Damian Stewart  Australia
  3rd. Tom Baker         Stonehouse, Gloucestershire

Congratulations to Andrew, the winner of the first ever Race 5 in the Cheese Rolling at Cooper's Hill


Boys under 12 yrs 1st. Josh Prike   Twigworth, Gloucester
  2nd. Nick Morris   Cooper’s Hill, Gloucester
  3rd. Max McDougal   Brockworth, Gloucester


Girls under 12 yrs 1st. Kelley Beckett    Solihull, West Midlands
  2nd. Lara York      Watford, Hertfordshire
  3rd. Gemma Denning    Brockworth, Gloucester


Mens 1st. Julian Gray  New Zealand
  2nd. Patrick Minch  New Zealand
  3rd. Craig Olson South Africa


Ladies 1st. Ruth Bradbrook    Bristol, Avon
  2nd. Kirsty Henderson Bristol, Avon
  3rd. Lara Deklee Scotland

Photos by Jean Jefferies - ©Jean Jefferies
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Our thanks to the guests invited to roll cheeses for the down-hill races who were:

RACE 1  Sara Catlow-Hawkins - Deputy Head of Brockworth Enterprise School
RACE 2  Adrian Jones - General Manager of Prinknash Abbey
RACE 3 (Ladies' Race) Sue Burn - local resident and teacher
RACE 4 Neil Smith - a Financial Director (who has assisted the Committee)
RACE 5 Amelia Hardwick - local resident


The 2006 event

Following a month of ‘above average rainfall’ Cooper’s Hill awoke on Monday 29th May to a beautiful sunny morning 
The day starts fine & sunny - The starting post at the top of the hill
….. but would it last?

Members of the committee spent two week-ends clearing nettles and ‘scrub’ from the face of the hill where the world famous cheese rolling would be taking place, to make it safer for the event.

Safety fences were in place, the communications office (a cattle truck!) was set up, 
Communications office, a cattle truck!
a press compound (straw bales!) was ready and the day was set to begin.

People started to ‘trickle’ up the lanes from Brockworth at about 9.30, press and television crews arrived and took up their positions and cars slid into place in the car-park (cattle field).

Fortunately, most people came prepared for wet weather.

Just as the first cheese was rolled, down came the rain!
Most competitors take a tumble on the way down!
But nothing would dampen the enthusiasm of the competitors as they ran, tumbled and slid down the hill after the cheese.

The showers, that seemed to time themselves for each race, were quite heavy and there was even hail thrown at us!! In between the showers, the sun was hot! Umbrellas were up and down all day! 
Crowds taking their place on the hill as the excitement grows!                                              The press, Radio and Television media awaits at the foot of the hill
Throughout the spectators remained good humoured, friendly and enthusiastic in their support for all the competitors.

On the hill, MUD was the order of the day!
Plenty of mud for everyone!

Some competitors appeared to be flying as they hurled themselves down the hill
A flying start as the race begins                               Now they are really travelling, some still flying!

The variety in the competitors choice of dress was entertaining, some ran the race barefoot
Sumo wrestlers (with green hair) join the competitors
We had (possible for the first time in the event) a contingent of "Sumo Wrestlers"

Sliding was definitely the best – and safest – way to reach the bottom and fortunately injuries were few.
Cuts and grazes were suffered, bruises will appear later
There were a few minor cuts and grazes, but no serious injuries.

This year there were 5 down-hill races – including a "Ladies"  Race and also - 4 up-hill races – "Boys under 12", "Girls under 12", "Ladies" and "Mens"
SARAID assist one on the eager young competitors in the uphill race.
SARAID are seen here helping one of the younger enthusiasts to reach his goal!

Stephen Gyde (record holder of 21 cheeses between 1978 - 1991)
Stephen Gyde - Record holder with 21 cheeses to his name                        Stephen Gyde, sure footed, in the first race - photo courtesy of Jules@concertphotography.co.uk 
ran in the first race but in spite of his valiant, sure footed efforts was un-placed this year.

Below we see Joshua Kaye (photo by Malcolm Hopkins)
Joshua Kaye and cheese 
contemplating the cheese and considering his race in 2020 maybe?

The crowds were smaller than last year, possibly only 2,500 – 3,000, but the atmosphere was exciting and happy.

It was good to hear Ken Goodwin's report, on Central Television News, describing the 'meticulous' planning, that goes into the event, and the 'good nature' of everyone who was present.

Refreshments were available and welcome to those braving the muddy conditions.
Hot refreshments were available                    Muddy conditions underfoot                    How did he get home?

There was a new security company providing the marshals this year – ‘Jedi’.

St. John Ambulance and SARAID (Search And Rescue Aid In Disaster) were also there to help casualties.  
St. Johns, treating the injured
                                  SARAID at work, their assistance is invaluable
We are extremely grateful to them all for their assistance.

After the crowds had streamed away from the hill,
Spectators fill the lanes leaving the event 
some to be towed out of the car-park, the committee members set to work once more to clear the hill of fences and rubbish
Time to return the hill to nature for another year!                                     Little rubbish was left to clear, our thanks to you for your tidyness
 – eventually arriving home at about 4 o’clock for their lunch!

Our grateful thanks go to all those spectators and competitors who took their rubbish home with them  

Watch videos of the 2006 Cheese Rolling races, at the BBC Gloucestershire web site

The festival was originally held at midsummer but was moved at some time to Whitsuntide, taking place on Whit Monday.

In 1967, the Bank Holiday was moved from the Church's Whitsun Festival to become a 'Spring Bank Holiday' to be on the last Monday in May each year.

The 'Cheese Rolling and Wake' was moved to that day.

The notice board on the infamous hill

Notice on the hill


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