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Cooper's Hill near Brockworth, is 4 miles southeast of Gloucester and is on the edge of the Cotswold escarpment.
Cooper's Hill - Access & Privacy

The Cheese Rolling slope runs from a point just above the start of the tree free, shadowed part at the lower centre of the picture, to the perimeter of the cottage gardens near the top of the picture, short but very steep! The Cockrell on the pole at the top of the hill can be located by the shadow cast by the pole.  The sunlit area lower centre of the picture is a plateau at the top of the hill.

Cooper's Hill and some of the surrounding area is a Local Nature Reserve to which the public have free and unlimited access. 

Individual private properties, (Premises, buildings, land and gardens etc.) and farms locally are of course private property. 

Spectators and Competitors have no right of access over private land, except where a public footpath exists and is clearly indicated by signs.

Please respect these areas and the privacy of the owners.

Remember that farm and domestic animals may be freely roaming on private land at any time.



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