Cooper's Hill near Brockworth, is 4 miles southeast of Gloucester and is on the edge of the Cotswold escarpment.
Cooper's Hill - Animals, Domestic & Non Domestic

The Cheese Rolling slope runs from a point just above the start of the tree free, shadowed part at the lower centre of the picture, to the perimeter of the cottage gardens near the top of the picture, short but very steep! The Cockrell on the pole at the top of the hill can be located by the shadow cast by the pole.  The sunlit area lower centre of the picture is a plateau at the top of the hill.

Remember that farm and domestic animals may be freely roaming on private land at any time.

During the Cheese Rolling event and for a short period before and after, the area is quite unsuitable for domestic pets, dogs in particular.

The highly crowded nature of the immediate area means that animals would be subjected to unacceptable levels of stress, which, apart from bordering on cruelty to the animal concerned, could result in unpredictable behavior and possibly tragic consequences for the animal concerned or indeed any spectator, in particular children.

Whilst, as this is a freely accessible public area, animals cannot be banned, we appeal to owners to exercise a high degree of common sense and have regard for the animals & people concerned.

If you are considering leaving animals in vehicles in the car park, you are reminded to leave the windows open to ensure adequate ventilation, heat buildup in a closed vehicle, even at this time of year can prove fatal, leading to prosecution of the owner.



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