The Illustrated Book

"Cheese Rolling In Gloucestershire"

Now available in Paperback, this unique book in available from all good bookshops.

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"Cheese Rolling In Gloucestershire"

The Paperback Book

Cheese Rolling In Gloucestershire, now available in paperback from all good bookshops - also available to order from this web site.

Foreword by Mark Cummings

One of the many reasons why Iíve fallen hopelessly in love with Gloucestershire is the fact we live in a county teeming with ancient festivals that nowhere else can match. Just say the word, and weíre off elver-eating, well-dressing, shin-kicking, and woolsack racing, but top of the list has always been cheese-rolling on Coopers Hill. Itís the only activity that attracts TV crews from all over the world and every year, without fail, leaves you breathless with a mixture of disbelief, anxiety and pride. This book takes you on a journey through time - youíll discover nuggets of information thatíll add to the mystery, surprise you and ultimately reaffirm why thereís no other event on earth like it. Having read the following few pages, when you next look up Coopers Hill, you might well see Iron Age tribes and Romans at the top, a Brockworth virgin spinning down, and when the cheese lands at your feet youíll know exactly how itís made. Read how the event overcame rationing, Foot and Mouth and baffling bureaucracy to become what it is today. Enjoy this definitive guide celebrating eccentricity, bravery, stupidity and sheer, unadulterated fun. 

Mark Cummings - BBC Radio Gloucestershire

£13.00 Including P&P

ISBN: 978-0-7524-4302-7

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