Cooper's Hill near Brockworth, is 4 miles southeast of Gloucester and is on the edge of the Cotswold escarpment.
Cooper's Hill - Considering Children At The Cheese-Rolling.

The Cheese Rolling slope runs from a point just above the start of the tree free, shadowed part at the lower centre of the picture, to the perimeter of the cottage gardens near the top of the picture, short but very steep! The Cockrell on the pole at the top of the hill can be located by the shadow cast by the pole.  The sunlit area lower centre of the picture is a plateau at the top of the hill.

Bringing children to the Cheese-Rolling at Cooper's Hill, requires careful pre planning and consideration to ensure their health and safety and enable them to have a great day out at the event.

Please remember to ensure you have sufficient water to guard against de-hydration. 
In past years the weather conditions have, on occasions, been cold wet and windy, you should pay particular attention to clothing to guard against hypothermia, should conditions on the day take a turn for the worse!

During the Cheese Rolling event and for a short period before and after, the area is extremely crowded, particularly at the major pressure points, these, in particular being the lane leading to the bottom of Cooper's Hill for the last 200 metres and especially the area at the entrance to the hill from the lane in the vicinity of the St. John Ambulance Facility Area.

Children generally, and particularly those children under the age of 12 will require special attention in this area due to the danger of being injured or crushed by the crowds. It should be remembered that children in particular will have a very limited view of their surroundings and may easily become disoriented or lose contact with their parents or guardians.

The highly crowded nature of the immediate area means that during the event and for a period, both before and after the event, the area is totally unsuitable for prams, pushchairs, buggies and the likes. The use of these may lead to the danger of injuring members of the public, even causing them to stumble and fall onto the small occupant.

For parents wishing to attend with children, the key advice would be to arrive very early in the day and to establish a position on the hill, but away from the throng of the crowds at the lower parts. There are footpath alternatives to obtain access to the top of the hill, rather than following the lane to the bottom. If in doubt ask the advice of one of the marshals.

Consider if possible, attaching your mobile phone number to the Childs clothing, or possibly writing it on their hand, as this will ensure you are quickly re-united should they stray away from you in the crowds. Remember, a small child only 1 metre away from you, may not be able to see you and may become distressed.

Children, apparently under the age of 12 years, identified as lost or separated, will be held within the Press / Announcers compound for their safety and will only be released into the care of their parent, guardian or other responsible person.

Care & Protection of Lost Children Under 12 Years Old.


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