The official 2010 Cheese-Rolling Event at Cooper's Hill was cancelled by the committee.

However, the event still went ahead though, on the day, and on time to the minute, with a real Double Gloucester Cheese!

A group of loyal and dedicated fans, unable to accept that the event would not run this year, went ahead and organised an excellent unofficial cheese rolling event, which went well and totally without incident and was thoroughly enjoyed by all present.



Potential visitors, competitors and spectators were given the following information on the usual website for the festival,, in order that that they may be forewarned of any potential dangers and in order that they could make an informed decision as to whether to attend, or stay away. 


Rumors abound in the press and elsewhere, that there may be an "Unofficial Event" on Monday 31st May 2010 at Cooper's Hill.

This brings the possible severe threat to public safety, both of the general public and of those participating in any un-organised event.

Take note:

Cooper's Hill has not been cleared of obstacles which may pose a danger of injury.

The undergrowth, nettles and brambles have not been cut.

The lack of organisation and control means there is a severe risk of personal injury!

High metal mesh fencing has been erected to protect properties at the foot of the hill! 
Beware, the joints between the panels are at face level and these have protruding securing bolts which pose a real danger of severe face, head and eye injuries

The absence of plastic safety fencing down both sides of the slope will render the hill less safe generally than usual.

No medical cover is being provided at the site.

No rescue teams will be in attendance.

There will be no "Catchers" to save you at the bottom of the hill, just an unforgiving, high solid metal mesh fence (with protruding fixing bolts) - Avoid contact to avoid injury!

No insurance cover whatever is available to anyone on this public land, if you visit Cooper's Hill on Monday, or indeed at any other time, you do so entirely at your own risk!

In spite of the Local, UK Wide and Global publicity (particularly via this web site), of the cancellation of the event this year, certain chaos is expected on the local road network (as has been seen in recent years when the event took place), with the probability that police will operate extensive road blocks in the area.
Only local vehicles will be allowed into the lane to the hill.

There is no car parking provision in the area.

T.B.C. will ensure that illegally parked cars are ticketed enthusiastically.

Anyone, causing injury to a member of the public, or to property, would become liable to the possibility of a private prosecution for restitution and punitive damages.


Please refer all comments and enquiries regarding the cancellation to the organising committee of CHCRC Ltd.

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