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Lost Children / Parents - Lost Property - Meeting Points

The large numbers of people attending the event, together with the fact that some areas become very congested means that if you loose touch with friends or family, it may prove very difficult to relocate them in the main body of crowds attending, especially at the busiest points near to the hill.

It is important therefore, when visiting the Cheese-Rolling at Cooper's Hill that competitors and spectators should consider. in advance, the possibility of loosing touch with friends, parents and children. This is particularly important if you are unfamiliar with the geography of the immediate area of Cooper's Hill.

Lost Children (Under 12 Years Old)
For their safety and protection, lost children should be brought to the commentary point in the press compound.
Once identified, PA announcements will be made to alert parents or guardians to come to the commentary point.
PA Coverage is extremely limited covering at best, only the main competition area and the lower slopes, there is no coverage on the lane, car park or surrounding areas. For this reason Parents or Guardians may not hear the announcements.
It may, depending on circumstances, on the day, be decided to transfer a child to the care of St John Ambulance at the First Aid Point.

Parents who have lost children (Under 12 Years Old).
You should make yourselves aware of the position of the commentary position (In the press Compound).
Do not immediately leave your position (Where you last saw your child), as they may know your position and return.
If your child is really lost, contact the Commentary position (NOT the First Aid Area).

Lost Property.
Items of property should be brought to the commentary position, where they can be identified and collected by the owners.
Uncollected items (Including valuable items), will be advertised as found when the web site is updated, you can then contact the email address with your contact details and identification of the item you are claiming.

Meeting Points - Adults and older children.
As the main event site and immediate area is so crowded, it is suggested that you pre-arrange a meeting point a little away from the crowds, to make finding each other easier. Best locations may be the top entrance to the main car park, just down the lane a little from the event, or possibly the field where the burger bar is located.

The Car Park Top Entrance (Cross Roads.).

The Burger & Coffee Bar.

Car Park Top Entrance

Burger & Coffee Bar

 Missing people who cannot be contacted by the above means.
If people cannot be located by the above means, it is (remotely) possible that they have been injured and taken to hospital. This may occur if there are injuries requiring hospitalisation. Please contact the Commentary point after the event has finished for information.

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