The organisation and running of the annual 'Cooper's Hill Cheese Rolling and Wake' is the responsibility of CHCRC Ltd which is a limited company, set up in October 2005, to organise, fund and run the Cheese Rolling Event at Cooper's Hill.
Many references on this site and elsewhere refer to the "Cheese Rolling Committee" or "The Committee", this refers to a committee, mainly consisting of Directors and Officers of CHCRC Ltd. 
In past times, pre 2005, the Cheese Rolling was organised on an informal basis by locals from the Cooper's Hill area and it's environs. 
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This site styles itself as the "Official UK Cheese-Rolling" web site.
The site appears to have fallen into disuse, apparently not updated since 2010. 

Please note this is an external site and as such, we have no control over the content.

In 2011, CHCRC Ltd teamed up with a PR Organisation and an Events Company to attempt to stage a whole weekend of entertainment, starting on Friday afternoon, with live bands, camping, food, bars and even toilets for the first time - Also for the first time it was to have been a ticket only event at 20 per head.
There was such a backlash from locals, fans, the press (pretty much everyone in effect) that the plans were scrapped even before the first ticket was offered for sale. 
What little sponsorship had been secured, failed to save the event.

Since the cancellation of the Official Event in 2010 and now again in 2011, it is understood that CHCRC Ltd, Its committee, members and officers no longer wish to, and will not participate in any way in any future Cheese Rolling event at Cooper's Hill.

It remains to be seen who, if anyone, will take up the baton and carry on the tradition.

Maybe since the bad press over recent months, it has become the poisoned chalice?


In the past, the arrangements were:


All costs of the event are met from car-parking receipts - 5 per car - there is no sponsorship and no entrance fee.

Prior to the event CHCRC Ltd. will:
  •     invite guest 'rollers'

  •     order and bind the Double Gloucester cheeses 

  •     buy the 'scramble' sweets (There is no longer a children's sweet scramble at the cheese rolling

  •     arrange hire of the public address system

  •     liaise with the local County Council (the landowners), St. John Ambulance, the rescue team and the police

  •     nominate a charity to receive the year's public collection  

  •     prepare the hill face in the days before the event Preparation & Volunteers
    (clearing the ground of brambles, nettles etc. that have encroached during the year, using strimmers, slash-hooks etc.)

  •     erect fences for crowd control and safety


On the day, CHCRC Ltd. will:
  •     man the car-park
  •     give the commentary
  •     act as judges
  •     arrange for provision of 'catchers' for competitors still on their feet
  •     rattle the collection boxes
  •     clear away afterwards (remove temporary fences and litter)


Crowds are asked to keep away from the face of the hill and warned by public address to watch for 'flying' cheeses and competitors.

Members of St. John Ambulance have been in attendance for many years, they provide a triage and treatment centre in a large tent at the foot of the hill. St John Ambulance Association also provide several ambulances, on standby at the event for transportation, in association with GWAS, of the more seriously injured to hospital. In past years one of the local doctors was usually invited to be a 'roller' to be sure that medical help was available.

Now it has become necessary to employ a team qualified in cave and mountain rescue to remove casualties from the hill face so that St. John Ambulance experts can administer first-aid, we are grateful for the assistance of the team from S.A.R.A.I.D (Search And Rescue Assistance In Disasters) who are present annually to provide their expertise and to assist with the safe recovery of casualties. ( Without their essential and invaluable assistance the event could not proceed.

A security company - Jedi Security - deal with crowd control and safety.



The "Cheese-Rolling in Gloucestershire" web site (this web site) is privately owned and edited. It is totally independent of, and has no connection whatever with CHCRC Ltd. 
Editorial independence ensures that the site can operate for the benefit of the fans of the Cheese Rolling, locally and worldwide, and the public in general.
This web site exists to provide advice and information to the general public and other interested parties prior to the event and for the dissemination of information and results afterwards. This web site does not use "cookies", not do we gather any personal information whatever from visitors to the site.
Donations and sponsorship to support this site are always welcome


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