Cheese Rolling Official Car Park

As there is no longer an organisation running the event, there is no official car park!

Parking locally is very limited in the surrounding area, best option is to park in Brockworth and walk to the event.

There is parking available again this year at the Toby Carvery on Shurdington Road, Brockworth at £5 per car.

The following information regarding the "official Car Park" is retained here for the historical context.

(O.S. SO888147)
(N51:49:51 - W2:09:50)
(Nearest UK Postcode GL3 4SB)

The A46 Brockworth to Painswick road can be seen running top to bottom left of the picture, the car park is the large field in the centre and the lane up to the hill can be seen to the top right.

The official car park (Only open until midday!) is placed conveniently close and just a short, easy walk up to the hill.

The A46 Brockworth to Painswick Road can be seen running top to bottom left of the picture. The official car park is the large field in the centre, and the lane up to Coopers Hill can be seen near to the top right of the picture.
This field, only 300 Metres from the event on the hill, is set aside for parking on the day.

Parking restrictions will apply on the main A46 (Brockworth to Painswick)

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Charges for entry to the car parking field are : 

Official Car Park

  • Cars and small vans - £5


  • Motor bikes           - £3


  • No traders permitted


The Official Car Park

Cheese Rolling Commences at 12 Noon

Cheese Rolling Commences at 12 Noon

No access to the official car park will be permitted after 12:00 Midday
Cars arriving after this time must use alternative car parks!

There is no local parking in the immediate area for coaches - Coach drop off point is on the A46 Painswick Road at the bottom of the lane to the car park and hill. Coaches should find parking further down (maybe on the old Cirencester Road).

Beware, it is Borough Councilís responsibility, not the police, to enforce parking restrictions on the highway  
Tewkesbury B.C. will be eager to make lots of money to swell their coffers from parking fines. You have been warned!

Gloucestershire police will have a duty to ensure safety by ensuring that obstructions to the highway do not occur!

A note on future events.
All the costs of running the event, providing safety equipment, insurance, the purchase of cheeses and provision of prize money comes only and exclusively from the takings of the official car park.

The event suffers from a severe lack of sufficient, suitable car parking, If you have land, or space available and wish to assist by providing overflow car parking, please contact the webmaster.

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