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Press Compound Media Passes

Due to the large numbers of media teams and photographers asking for access to record the Cheese Rolling, it has become necessary to issue Media Passes for entry to the ‘Press Compound’.

There are a limited number of passes and these will be issued on a ‘first-come-first-served’ basis and details are as follows:

  1. £500 will be charged for major filming involving a maximum of six persons, giving entry to top "Starters Compound" and bottom "Press Compound". Only two such teams can be accommodated.
    This could include pre-arranged meetings / interviews with officials prior to the day.
  1. £300 will be charged for documentary-type filming involving a maximum of four persons, giving entry to the bottom "Press Compound" only.
  1. £100 will be charged for filming or photography on the day involving a maximum of two persons, giving entry to the bottom "Press Compound" only.
  1. Local press / media, maximum of two persons per team, by invitation only, free access to the bottom "Press Compound".

All persons wishing to access the "Press Compound" or "Starters Compound" must show an official pass to gain entry. 

Lost or mislaid passes may, at the discresion of the committee, be replaced, on the day, by application at the press compound and subject to payment again of the appropriate fee, in full, in cash. (Only cash - No cheques cards etc!)
This would only apply to persons or organisations whose names appear on the list of registered accredited press applicants, which will be held at the press compound. - No new applications can be accepted on the day.

Please e-mail your request for an application form to Press Compound Media Pass Quoting "Media Pass Application", please mention which category of pass you would like.

Requests must be received by us no later than 1st of May, to ensure that you receive the passes in time.
(Late applications, if accepted, and if passes are still available at that time, may be subject to a 50% surcharge.)

The Media Passes only relate to the (two) Official Compounds, the Press and Officials Compound at the foot of the hill and the Press and Starters Compound at the top of the hill. 
Pre-Event meetings / interviews, prior to the day with officials may be arranged for pass holders.

Media Passes must be worn at all times when in or requiring entry to the official compounds.
Failure to wear the official pass will result in refusal of entry to the press compounds.

Members of the Media should wear high visibility (safety) clothing when in the non-public areas at the event.

Refused access to the press compound in 2009 - Could not show passes when required.

This pair insisted that they had purchased passes but could not produce them when required. They were denied access to the press compound in accordance with the rules.

If you did have passes, why did you not bring and wear them?

Extensive searches by the committee, of applications  received, failed to find an application in their names.

Although the general area is Public Common Land, for reasons of safety, areas of the land are temporarily defined as Non Public Areas, within which public access and movement is restricted.
Non-Public areas are defined as, the fenced off areas of the Hill (The Cheese Rolling Course), the Press and Announcers Compound at the foot of the hill, the Starters Compound at the top of the hill and other compounds at the event, used for emergency, rescue and medical services.

As the event is held on registered common land, no permissions are required to attend, photograph or film etc., other than in the official press compounds.

For considerations of safety, no filming or photography will be permitted on the main event part of the hill, all photographers and press etc. must be either in the press compound or in the designated spectator areas of the hill during the Cheese-Rolling events on the day. Failure to comply may result in the event being suspended and the offender(s) asked to leave the area.

There is a total ban on filming recording or photography within the designated First Aid Area, including the tents and ambulances on grounds of medical confidentiality!.

All persons attending the event, including those persons using the press compound area, do so entirely at their own risk. You are reminded that it is your responsibility to carry out an appropriate risk assessment and take all necessary precautions to ensure your personal safety.

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