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Cheese-Rolling At Cooper's Hill In Gloucestershire.

The view from the top of the Cheese-Rolling hill 

A view from the top of Cooper's Hill in Gloucestershire, where the famous Cheese-Rolling takes place.
This picture is taken from the start point of the race, and the finish is visible below. The actual running surface is concave, and hence cannot be seen from this point.

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Cheese-Rolling at Cooper's Hill 2015

Last Event - Monday 25th May 2015 at 12:00 Were You There?

We would welcome your images and comments on the 2015 event for publication on the web site;
Are you planning to take part this year?
What is your motivation?
If so, did you win?
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The Double Gloucester Cheese, Dressed for the Cheese-Rolling

On Sunday evening the hill is peaceful, the hill already prepared for Monday's event.

Fences have been carefully removed and set aside.

Undergrowth on the hill has been cut and flattened.

The hill is scanned for stones and other dangerous objects which have been removed.

It has been hard work, but now the hill is ready for the 2015 Cheese-Rolling.

Monday dawned cloudy but reasonably warm, by the 12:00 it was still cloudy but warmer.
The conditions on the day were ideal, neither too hot or too cold, and no rain!
(The rain showers of the previous few days provided ideal ground conditions for the event, softening the surface a little, but there was little of the muddy conditions which some previous years had suffered.)

Picture Courtesy of Adam Wood

In 2015 the Cheese-Rolling At Cooper's Hill Took Place On The Late May Bank Holiday (Monday 25th May 2015) 
Commencing as usual at 12:00 Midday.
Eventual crowd figures were estimated at 4000.

Spectators and Competitors on their way to the event will have seen the signs from Gloucestershire County Council (the landowner)  warning of the dangers of the event and suggesting that they should not to attend the event.

 The notice states that the event is unmanaged, this is actually incorrect.
There is a lot of background work, by many volunteers and enthusiasts, working in a coordinated manner, to ensure as far as is practicable, the safety of the event. Hours are spent in the days leading up to the event, clearing the hill of obstructions, stones and general debris, erecting spectator control orange fencing and clearing the surface of the hill of overgrown vegetation.

RT Ruptly Streaming Video of the Whole Day

SoGlos Video of the 2015 Cheese-Rolling

"Now I Get It" Video Compilation

  Just after 11:00 and Chris Anderson sits calmly and watches the crowds arriving.
(He knows this hill so very well and many seek his advice before the event.)

Meanwhile just behind him on the plateau, tactics are discussed between prospective competitors.

Looking down, we see the spectators are arriving, it's been a long walk for many from the nearest car parking,
but with the roads closed, safety has been assured for the pedestrians.
The whole area was made a traffic-free zone for the safety of the pedestrians, but most chose to walk the small cross-country footpaths, rather than taking the rather longer walk via the roads (though for some, the road route may well have been quicker as at least one of the footpaths became so congested, walkers made very slow progress.

... and YES, for the benefit for those who have not stood here on the hill, it really is this steep!

Picture Courtesy of Adam Wood

Chris, ever with an eye for safety, constantly paces the hill & clears debris.

The spectators are still arriving, filling the hill!

Only 7 minutes to go to the start.

Early arrivals have the best places

The Catchers from the Brockworth Rugby Club are ready
Photographers are well behind them in relative safety!

There's a good view also from the lower fields behind the houses at the foot of the hill.
(There's no crush there, but from there they can't see the finish line though.)

Midday approaches, excitement and anticipation is growing

The runners gather at the top of the hill

Chris Anderson quietly contemplates his first official race since 2012, whilst MC Jem Wakeman ensures all is in order for the start of the race.

He's ready to go...

A loud cheer from the crowd to welcome the first event of 2015

There're Off!

Race one is under way right on time at 12:00

The Cheese is way ahead, two competitors are well ahead of the field...

Chris Anderson (far right) takes the cheese for the first race.

The field follows...

The last few arrive.

Race one brings the first injury...

Meanwhile Chris shows off his prize to the press.

He is helped down by friends, then treated for a suspected broken ankle by the event volunteer medics.

He is soon joined by another with a sprained ankle

There's also a good view from the lower fields behind the houses at the foot of the hill, but they can't see the finish line from there.

Results for the Mens Downhill Cheese-Race, Race 1
Cheese Roller
1st Chris Anderson Brockworth, GLOS UK
2nd Jamie Evans Brockworth, GLOS UK

Entertainment from a stunt pilot entertained the crowd for a few minutes...

(It was good to see the Police Helicopter stayed away this year!)

And so on to Race 2


Lucy Townsend (Equal Women's Champion) (lower centre) is the honorary roller for race 2...

The MC Jem Wakeman ensures everyone is ready before the start...

They're off and very fast...

Tumbling down the hill...

The winner (Ryan Fairley) crosses the line. 

Results for the Mens Downhill Cheese-Race, Race 2
Cheese Roller Lucy Townsend (Brockworth, GLOS)
1st Ryan Fairley Brockworth, GLOS UK

Eventually the rest arrive.

Now for the Boys under 14's uphill race.

They gather at the foot of the hill...

Soon there's few out in front and a leader in the brown shirt...

Could this be Kasper Wickens-Shaw (Last year's winner)?


Still going strong...

Only one other anywhere near...

Increasing his lead all the time...

He wins (Extreme left of the image) and receives his mini cheese from MC Jem Wakeman.

Was it Caspar who won this event last year?

This is Kasper Wickens-Shaw 12 from Foston's Ash.

Further back Chris and Ryley follow up the field...

To the amusement of the crowd Ryley gets a helping hand...

Off he goes...

Chris notices another lad in need of encouragement... 

... and gives him a much needed helping hand...

Finally the last few arrive.

Results for the Boys 14 and under Combined
1st Casper Wickenshaw? (13) Foston's Ash Birdlip, GLOS, UK
Results for the Girls 14 and under Combined Uphill Race
1st Kacie Anderson (13)
Chris Anderson's Niece
Brockworth (GLOS)

Then of course it's back to the start.

Ryley leads Chris back down...

So now to the ladies race...

The competitors carefully take their places...

The line-up...

Clear space in front...

They're off!

More tumbling than running

Going well!


The winner has already passed the line of catchers...
(She's on the floor right of centre.)

The Winner Keavy Morgan

Results for the Women's Downhill Cheese-Race, Race 3
Cheese Roller
1st Keavy Morgan Brockworth (Glos)
2nd Lucy Townsend

Next its the Mixed Open Uphill Cheese Race (Over 14's)

The line-up is ready...

...and they're off!

...the pack is tight...

Determination drives them

The going gets harder...

the hill is steep...

The winner arrives!

Results for the Mixed, Open Uphill Cheese-Race

The girls are behind, but trying hard!

Anticipation grows for the 4th and final race...

Ryan Fairly has challenged Chris Anderson to race against him in the 4th race

Here comes Chris now, how many times has he climbed the hill today?

He doesn't even look tired as he arrives to greet his challenger

The Roller is ready with the last cheese of the 21015 event...

... and for the last time this year, they're off!

(Chris & Ryan in green shirts.)

Only moments later Chris crosses the finish line!

Chris still looking fresh!

Results for the Mens Downhill Cheese-Race, Race 4
Cheese Roller Jamie lee
1st Chris Anderson Brockworth (Glos)
2nd Aaron Harris Brockworth (Glos)

The last (unofficial) mass race takes place involving all those would-be competitors who did not get a place in the main races of the day.

Many return to the top to descend the hill again and again...

These two and mum look as if they have had a good day!

Carefully picking their way down the hill

Slowly and carefully!

The crowds, ever happy and good natured take their time filtering down and away after another great day at the Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling.

Once the crowds had gone, volunteers set about making sure every piece of litter was removed form this beautiful area.

Summary of the 2015 Cheese Rolling at Cooper's Hill

In summary the 2015 Cheese-Rolling at Cooper's Hill in Gloucestershire was very well organised and effectively controlled and marshaled by the small band of enthusiasts from Brockworth and surrounding area.

Their control and organisation of the event was exemplary, every bit as good as when the event was organised by a local company (now dissolved). 
Each year since 2010 when they took over running the event, preparation and organisation of the event has improved year on year, this year the hill was found to be in excellent condition for the Cheese-Rolling due to their hard work. 

The visitors, spectators and competitors, some of whom have traveled very long distances to attend (from Holland, Canada, America, Slovakia, Italy, Spain, Japan and Australia to name just a few), were well behaved and friendly and very good natured, each helping others to climb and secure good footing on the steep slope. The atmosphere at the event is fantastic and I'm everyone had a really good time, the weather was kind for the event, overcast, but neither too hot or cold! 

There were the usual four downhill races including the women's race, followed by mass descent of the hill as a finale.

The usual scrapes, bumps, grazes and bruises of course as in all years.
Major casualty was a suspected Broken Ankle.

Chris Anderson, after a break of two years was able to compete in the Cheese-Rolling this year, he was much in evidence, clearing the hill, advising competitors and informing visitors about the event.

Lucy Townsend was unable to compete this year due to a strained ankle ligament, she says she will be back next year to take up the challenge to become all time Women's Champion - She is equal third after of the 2014 event.  

The Final race, Race 4 turned out to be a competition between Chris Anderson and Ryan Fairley with Chris winning his fifteenth cheese!

The police this year went in for road closures in a big way, just as in 2014, closing the A46 from the Cross-Hands Roundabout right up to Buckholt road, this made for a safe and pleasant walk along the roads to the event, a real enhancement to the event that was lacking in previous years. 

Parking was provided as always by the nearby Toby Carvery.

There were, as usual, no reported incidents requiring police intervention at or around the event and spectators respected the private properties in the vicinity. 
The police did not patrol the event this year as in the past.
Only one SWAS (NHS) ambulance was called to site, after the main event had been completed to treat a male patient.

On a positive note the event was well attended with a large, good humored crowd of spectators who all enjoyed this excellent day out on Cooper's Hill.
The closure of the A46, previously requested but always denied until the 2014 event year, was excellent and allowed for a carnival atmosphere as people could walk safely along the traffic-free road.

Gloucestershire County Council (the landowner) posted warning notices at the event to ensure that everyone was aware of the potential dangers associated with the event.

Maybe the notice in future years should mention dogs (a very stressful environment for them).
The disabled and infirm should get a mention too!

Parking was made available as last year in a field behind the Cross Hands Public house, now the Toby Carvery, in Brockworth, making access for visitors less traumatic.


'Can You Give It' - The New Exclusive Music Video Starring Chris Anderson

Winner of Two Cheeses In The 2009 Cheese Rolling At Cooper's Hill

The single from The Maccabees...'Can You Give It' was released on 6th July 2009.

The video is a documentation of tradition that takes place every year in the U.K
and it's a look at one person who takes part in the event and how they get on...
Check out the video and see how he gets on!

A complete list of Holidays and Observances in the United Kingdom are available here:

UK Holidays

Coopers Hill Local Nature Reserve is well worth a visit especially in the springtime.

A local nature reserve, 2 miles south of Brockworth on A46, with nationally important beech woodlands and a waymarked walking trail.

At the top, and again at the bottom of the famous hill, sturdy picket fencing has been erected... prevent access to and erosion of the hill.


The view from the top of the Cheese-Rolling hill 

A view from the top of Cooper's Hill in Gloucestershire, where the famous Cheese-Rolling takes place.
This picture is taken from the start point of the race, and the finish is visible below. The actual running surface is concave, and hence cannot be seen from this point.


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Since 1988, the cheeses have been hand-made by Mrs. Diana Smart of Churcham, using milk from her herd of Brown Swiss, Holstein and Gloucester cows.  
Since 1988, the cheeses have been hand-made by Mrs. Diana Smart of Churcham - She is the only person in Gloucestershire now making Double Gloucester cheeses by hand, using traditional methods.
She is the only person in Gloucestershire now making Double Gloucester cheeses by hand, using traditional methods.

The Double Gloucester Cheese Explained - The Single Gloucester Cheese too!
Visits to see the Double Gloucester Cheese being made are possible by arrangement.

The festival was originally held at midsummer but was moved at some time to Whitsuntide, taking place on Whit Monday.

In 1967, the Bank Holiday was moved from the Church's Whitsun Festival to become a 'Spring Bank Holiday' to be on the last Monday in May each year.

The 'Cheese Rolling and Wake' was also moved to that day.

Notice on the hill.



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