In Tokyo a dedicated team of students are set to stage their own version of cheese rolling on May 11 in tribute to the county festival which has a big following in Japan.

The Japanese festival will take place on a hill in Fuchu, Tokyo and will be staged by students at the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (TUAT).

The students staged their first event last year making a "cheese" from cardboard and stuffing it full of real cheese before chasing it down a hill.

Satoshi Tonooka, a Mechanical System Engineering student, said he wanted to show the true spirit of Samurai to the people of Britain.

In October 2010 the students, who are all members of a bicycle touring club in Japan held their own very special form of Cheese Rolling Festival in tribute to the Cheese Rolling at Cooper's hill:

Photos From The Japanese Cycle Touring Club Cheese Rolling Festival.

Satoshi Tonooka says:

"We are bicycle club and our main activity is touring all over Japan.
At the same time, we try everything we want to do.
For example, Dancing, Playing a rock band, Playing volleyball ,etc.
One of them is a Cheese-Rolling Festival, inspired by the one in England at Cooper's Hill.
I will put our new pictures of 2nd Cheese-Rolling Festival as soon as possible."
"Our club has it's own web site, but it is all written in Japanese unfortunately."

Club Home Page (In Japanese)

Club Photo Page (In Japanese)

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