Cooper's Hill near Brockworth, is 4 miles southeast of Gloucester and is on the edge of the Cotswold escarpment.
Cooper's Hill - Terrorism & Evacuation Considerations

The Cheese Rolling slope runs from a point just above the start of the tree free, shadowed part at the lower centre of the picture, to the perimeter of the cottage gardens near the top of the picture, short but very steep! The Cockrell on the pole at the top of the hill can be located by the shadow cast by the pole.  The sunlit area lower centre of the picture is a plateau at the top of the hill.

Cooper's Hill and some of the surrounding area is a Local Nature Reserve to which the public have free and unlimited access. There are multiple access routes to the site and members of the public are free to visit the site without any form of permission or checks.

The British Government has recently (September 2010), warned of the increased risk of terrorist attacks in mainland Great Britain as well as in Continental Europe and has maintained the risk level at "Severe".

Due to the large numbers of people attending the event in recent years and the confined nature of many parts of the area, access roads, pathways and the immediate confines of the hill itself result in places in very tightly packed crowds. 

Escape from the immediate vicinity of the Cheese Rolling course and spectator areas, in the event of an incident or emergency would, due to the nature of the site prove difficult. There is the ever present risk of serious personal injury, should there be a panic amongst the crowd.

It would be wise, whenever deciding to travel to congested locations and events, to be aware of the possibility, however unlikely, of an attack or other emergency.

Public attending the site, should upon arrival, familiarise themselves with the layout of the area and should formulate a plan for themselves in their particular location, to evacuate the site should an emergency arise. In particular, the roads should be kept clear for emergency vehicles.

BBC Radio 4 Today Program on the 4th of October 2010 carried the following report by security correspondent Frank Gardner who examines the current threat of terrorist attacks in Europe





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