In 1997, the event was again held as planned.

A late spring day greeted the large gathering of about 4000 people to the hill, from all over the world.
There was a very excited atmosphere as mid-day approached and the crowd began to chant 'Roll the cheese!'

As usual, competitors ran, tumbled, rolled and slid down after the cheeses in the 4 down-hill races.


Race 1   Steven Brain Brockworth
Race 2   Steven Brain Brockworth
Race 3 (Ladies Race)   Tina Rimmer Brockworth
Race 4   Craig Carter Postman Craig Carter, 21, winner of one of the four races, was left nursing a broken arm. 

But he took it in stride -- with a smile he said he broke his other arm when he won a race three years ago.


The event took an unfortunate turn, leaving at least 33 people injured.

Runners are supposed to chase the cheeses to the bottom of the very steep hill, with the first one over the finish line allowed to keep the cheese as a prize.

But many participants didn't make it to the foot of the hill on foot -- they tumbled to the bottom instead.

Some 4,000 spectators turned out to watch, but they didn't escape the mayhem, either. One man who tried to dodge a bouncing cheese lost his balance and tumbled 100 feet down the hillside. He was taken to hospital with a head injury.

The women's had to be delayed because ambulance workers were coping with two injured contestants from Race 2.

The spectacle is held in the heart of the cheese-making region of Gloucestershire. Gloucestershire is well known for its smooth, golden yellow cheese encased in a natural rind, called Gloucester or double Gloucester cheese.

Our thanks to the guests invited to roll cheeses for the down-hill races who were:

Race 1 Mr. Tony Pither (Committee Chairman)
Race 2 Mr. N. Negus
Race 3 Mrs. P. Morgan
Race 4 Mrs. E. Hunt

'Young Farmers' and rugby players were among the experts acting as 'catchers' for the runners who were unable to stop!

There were casualties of course, but every competitor has the opportunity to assess the danger and is responsible for his / her own actions.

We are very grateful St. John Ambulance for helping the injured.

St.John's Ambulance and paramedics were kept very busy treating the injured.
St.John's Ambulance were kept busy treating the injured

(Photos J.J.)


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