In 1998, the event was cancelled 

This was due to safety concerns over the number of injuries in the 1997 event, when 33 competitors were treated for injuries by paramedics.

The 1998 Cheese Rolling was cancelled for safety reasons.


Despite the ban, about 25 die-hard enthusiasts gathered at the hill and rolled one cheese down the hill at 6am to keep the tradition unbroken.

Four competitors from the gathering hurtled downwards in pursuit of the cheese, all four reaching the bottom without injury.

The winner was Peter Astman, a local postman, and the ladies' winner was Amelia Hardwick.

Tony Peasley, a member of the cheese-rolling committee said "We did it to maintain the continuity of the cheese-rolling tradition. There were the normal formalities and then just one cheese was rolled down the hill. There were just four racers who went after it and everyone escaped unscathed. It was a great success."

The Daily Telegraph report of the cancellation of the event Thursday 21st May 1998

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