In 1999, the event having been cancelled last year on safety grounds, was again held as planned, commencing at mid-day.

The races this year, passed off without serious injury, a great relief to all after the injuries seen at the 1997 event, when 3 competitors were treated by paramedics. 

Around 5,000 people are estimated to have watched this year's cheese-rolling.

There was a very excited atmosphere as mid-day approached and the crowd began to chant 'Roll the cheese!'

As usual, competitors ran, tumbled, rolled and slid down after the cheeses in the 4 down-hill races.


Race 1 Steve Brain, won three cheeses in the 1999 races Steven Brain Stephen Brain

won all three men's races.

Race 2 Steve Brain, won three cheeses in the 1999 races Steven Brain   

"I've been in this for 15 years, on and off, and it is great that it is back after last year's event was cancelled."


Race 3 (Ladies Race)   Helen thorpe  
Race 4 Steve Brain, won three cheeses in the 1999 races Steven Brain  

"The trick is to try to stay on your feet" 


Our thanks to the guests invited to roll cheeses for the down-hill races who were:

Race 1 Mr. G. Hall
Race 2 Rev. W. Parry
Race 3 Mrs. E. Ashenden
Race 4 Mr. W. Parker

Extra safety precautions were taken this year, with a team of stewards and a mountain rescue unit on duty.

The course was also lined with crash barriers normally used for downhill skiing.

Richard Jefferies, a member of the organising committee, said: "I thought everything went very well and the additional safety measures seemed to have paid off.

"It's been a great day and I think the decision to move it to noon stops people having too much to drink before they come."

'Young Farmers' and rugby players were among the experts acting as 'catchers' for the runners who were unable to stop!

There were casualties of course, but every competitor has the opportunity to assess the danger and is responsible for his / her own actions.

We are very grateful to both S.A.R.A.I.D. (Search and Rescue Aid in Disaster) and St. John Ambulance for helping the injured.

We also have to thank 'Regent Security' who provide the marshals.

St.John's Ambulance, as always, were on hand to treat the injured.
St.John's Ambulance were kept busy treating the injured
This year, St John Ambulance staff had only cuts and bruises to deal with following the four races in which competitors chased the eight-pound double Gloucester Cheese down a 45 degree hill

SARAID were, of course hard at work, without their help the event could not be held!
 SARAID were on hand to recover casualties, if required from the hill
SARAID are ever ready to fly out at very short notice, to any human disaster anywhere in the world. They are a totally voluntary, non governmental organisation, supported by donations. Their work, as is the case with the other emergency aid organisations, is essential during the first few hours after a disaster, when their skills at locating injured and trapped survivors of the initial disaster will save countless lives. It is often the case in disasters, that the local infrastructure and systems break down and local government and officials in the immediate vicinity are overwhelmed. Outside assistance therefore is vital particularly in the first few hours

Please visit the SARAID web site for more information on the organisation and its works, here you can also make a donation to assist their efforts

SARAID - Search And Rescue Assistance In Disasters

           (Photos J.J.)


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