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2010 - Cancellation of the official event - The true facts.

But the event went ahead anyway despite notices of cancellation and police presence!

2010 The first "Unofficial" Cheese Rolling event of the decade at Cooper's Hill - Full details.

 On Monday 31st May, the day dawned cool and bright but overcast with high cloud, ideal conditions for a good day out at Cooper's Hill.
By 10:30 there was already a small crowd gathering at the top of the hill, there were at that time as many press and film crew as members of the public. 

2010 You Tube Video Courtesy of SKY News.

The press filled time by interviewing prospective competitors and spectators.

The man in the centre of the picture, in the red & white helmet, is in fact a doctor, soon to be married, his friends? had organised a trip to the Cheese Rolling as a "Stag" event, his fiancÚ knew nothing of this, until after, that is!

The sides of the hill lacked the usual fencing and crowds.

By 11:30 a few spectators begun to arrive at the foot of the slope.
The usual crowds stayed away after reports of cancellation on the official event
locals still turned up to support the first "unofficial" event organised by enthusiasts. 

Chris Anderson (on the left) was spotted making his way to the top of the hill

The gathering group of prospective runners enthusiastically discussed tactics and enjoyed pre-run refreshments.

A pair of bicycles were seen being pushed and carried up the lower slopes of the hill.
(Were they planning to ride down?)

Meanwhile, right on the crest of the mighty hill, there was time to ponder on the terrific run to the bottom.

You can only imaging their thoughts as they survey the view from the top.
(If you have never stood at the top, you could not imagine just how steep it is!) 

A couple of lads try out the slope for themselves, maybe in the future they will participate in the races.


Will he be arrested? - But what for? - Anyone brave enough can run down this hill, it's public land (Common Land).

Chris Anderson discusses the event with an eager group of fans, before giving a near perfect demonstration of how to run down this precipitous slope, completing the run with an expertly preformed "barrel roll" to arrest his run before reaching the fencing at the foot of the hill.

At three minutes to Midday a delegated Master Of Ceremony, Paul Burrows, is seen to start to marshal the runners for the first race.
(A reporter is right at the front, is she going to try to interview the runners in action with that microphone?)

Two minutes to the off and Chris Anderson signals to the volunteers at the foot of the slope to clear the area ready for the start.
(The Master Of Ceremony, Paul Burrows, to his left, holds back the eager runners.)

A cheese (Smaller than usual, but correctly dressed) is produced and rolled by John Anderson Jnr. 

The racing at Cooper's Hill has started, right on time!

The first three are off to a good start and are neck and neck with Chris in the middle.

First to fall is the guy in the orange shirt, that's going to cost him some time!

Chris, to the extreme left of the picture, takes the lead, sure footed, still standing (the only one) and at really amazing speed. 

This guy's about to discover the steepest part of the whole slope, just two paces ahead!
(Has he seen the drop? looks like he is trying to pull-up, no chance!)

There's Chris Anderson in green and black, unbelievably still on his feet!

The winner of the first race is Chris Anderson.
(Chris actually hurt his ankle in this first race, but he carried on like the true professional he is!)

Results for the Mens Downhill Cheese-Race, Race 1
Cheese Roller John Anderson Jnr
1st Chris Anderson Brockworth, GLOS UK
2nd Jamie Lee Brockworth, GLOS UK
3rd Jamie Evans Brockworth, GLOS UK


Chris has been the star of many interviews over the years, but still gives his time and thoughts on the event.

This year, Chris really is the star of the event as it was he and his father, John Anderson Snr. who organised the whole event. 
What an event it was too, just like it used to be many years ago. 
Well done Chris and John, you made it a really great day and well worth attending!

And now, in preparation for race two, we have the arrival of the first costumed participants.
The Cheese Rolling would be all the poorer if we did not have the costumed runners! 

The volunteer catchers, including Angelo Frasca, (Other names please?) are ready to arrest the runners and avoid contact with the fencing.
Do not underestimate the forces these guys face with the runners coming down at full speed.

Chris, ever vigilant, makes sure the slope has been safely cleared before the start of race two.

The competitors are getting into position for the start, no turning back now.

The Cheese for the second race is rolled by Chris Anderson himself.

They're off!

And here's the Cheese, smaller, but looking just like the official one, real attention to detail.
(Those two are clear leaders, at least for now!)

Oops, two down! Now, there's a brave guy just in shorts, does he know the slope has not been cleared of vegetation?

He's doing well though!

Remember these two? Together at the start and the finish!
(How's that for catching technique on the right? Well done sir!)

The Second Race was won by Ryan Fairley, with Arron Harris in second place.

Results for the Mens Downhill Cheese-Race, Race 2
Cheese Roller Chris Anderson
1st Ryan Fairley Brockworth, GLOS UK
2nd Aaron Harris Brockworth, GLOS UK
3rd Unknown


And so to Race Three! traditionally the Ladies Race!
(These two are about to go head to head, wonder what they are discussing? Is it a dare?)

Jamie Lee prepares to launch the cheese for the women's race.

Looks more like he's going to throw it, is he afraid the ladies will catch it on the way down?
(Maybe he's hoping to hit the cottages without touching the hill at all?)

They're off! - Just two, Tanya Silverman & Sophie Bace, but it's going to be a close race!

Oops! Difficult time to lose the top! - Just look at her hair and imagine the speed she's doing.

Now that's real flair! Adjusting your dress while on the run! Will she win?

Tanya's well in the lead now!

Heading straight for the photographers, what a star performer!.

Results for the Women's Downhill Cheese-Race, Race 3
Cheese Roller Jamie Lee
1st Tanya Silverman Brockworth, GLOS UK
2nd Sophie Bace Brockworth, GLOS UK
3rd Unknown


The winner was Tanya Silverman, well done!. Second place went to Sophie Bace.

But, with the excitement of winning, has she forgotten something?
Here's Chris coming down and calling to her for the return of the cheese for the next race.

How many times have you been up and down the slope today Chris?
You make it look so easy!

The cheese for Race 4 was also rolled by Jamie Lee

The Fourth race was won by Chris Anderson, he makes it look so easy!

Results for the Mens Downhill Cheese-Race, Race 4
Cheese Roller Jamie Lee
1st Chris Anderson Brockworth, GLOS UK
2nd Andrew Thomas Brockworth, GLOS UK
3rd Aaron Harris Brockworth, GLOS UK


After the last a few intrepid spectators experience the slope for themselves, very carefully!
New visitors to the event are often heard to express just how different the hill is from their expectations.
They have seen the pictures of previous events and of the hill, but pictures never give to true impression of just how steep the hill really is when you are standing on it's slopes, particularly when you look over the rim of the hill at the top!

And now the event is over for this year. 
It's been an enjoyable day for all concerned, in the true spirit of the Cheese Rolling at Cooper's Hill.

A great day, well organised and executed, well done!

No Litter!

Chris Anderson, having hurt his ankle, was the only injury of the 2010 Cheese Rolling at Cooper's Hill.
It was not until Tuesday that Chris went to hospital to have his ankle x-rayed, he was pleased to learn that there were no broken bones, though he has damaged the ligaments in his ankle, though he would be sore for some days to come.

Chris Anderson - The Movie - Can You Give It?

Before the event (Sunday 30th May 2010) in pictures:

(In anticipation of an unofficial event)

Signs say the event is cancelled - Well, that was the "Official" event!
Undoubtedly the publicity surrounding failure to organise a "Commercially Organised" event and the press coverage of the cancellation, kept many people away, however that did lot stop the locals organising an "Unofficial" event in it's place!









In the past, in recent years (1998 and 2001), when the cheese rolling had to be cancelled (due to safety concerns in 1998 and due to an outbreak of "Foot & Mouth" disease in farm animals in 2001), a single cheese was rolled by the committee to "maintain the tradition" 
This year the enthusiasts took over the event and thus maintained the unbroken tradition of Cheese Rolling at Coopers Hill.

The event was organised by Chris Anderson together with his dad John Anderson Snr.

Master of Ceremonies was Paul Burrows.

The rollers were:

Race 1 - John Anderson Jnr.

Race 2 - Chris Anderson.

Race 3 (The Women's Race) - Jamie Lee.

Race 4 - Jamie Lee.

Winners of the races were:

Race 1
Winner - Chris Anderson
Second Place - Jamie Lee 

Race 2
Winner - Ryan Fairley
Second Place - Arron Harris

Race 3
Winner - (Unknown - Please tell us who you are)
Second Place - Sophie Bace

Race 4
Winner - Chris Anderson
Second Place (Unknown)

Congratulations Chris, John and all your willing helpers.

Thank you for a great traditional day out!

The event really is in your blood Chris,
you are the true spirit of the Cheese Rolling.

You really did the Cheese Rolling proud!


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