A view from the top of Cooper's Hill in Gloucestershire, where the famous Cheese-Rolling takes place.
This picture is taken from the start point of the race, and the finish is visible below. The actual running surface is concave, and hence cannot be seen from this point.

Cheese-Rolling at Cooper's Hill 2013

The Double Gloucester Cheese, Dressed for the Cheese-Rolling

In 2013 the Cheese-Rolling At Cooper's Hill Took Place On The Late May Bank Holiday (Monday 27th May 2013) As Usual Commencing At Midday.

The Banner Reads "Brockworth Thanks You"

[For supporting the event with your presence]

An estimated crowd of up to 5000 people attended this year, interest being heightened by recent press reports which have spread worldwide.

The day was sunny and warm but windy.

There were the usual four downhill races including the women's race, followed by one, disastrous "non-Cheese" race.
Chris Anderson, now serving in "The Rifles", one of the two largest regiments in the British Army ... was unable to attend this year, he will have been disappointed, but other competitors may well have been relieved not to have to compete against him.

Due to received warnings that have received much publicity around the world, directed to anyone who could be identified as being "connected" in some way with the Cheese Rolling, a substitute, plastic cheese was used this year, so a real cheese was not in fact rolled.
This did not seem to matter to either contestants or spectators, but it was a failure as it just did not have the weight to roll properly! In the ladies race, one lady (not the winner) picked it up and carried it down to the finish line.

On a positive note

The First race was won by Kenny Rackers, a USA Army Veteran from Colorado Springs, Colorado USA, who had traveled over 4000 miles from the 'States just to take part this year.

Kenny appears to be taking advice from a Panda, prior to setting off!

The advice must have worked, he's won the first race!

Results for the Mens Downhill Cheese-Race, Race 1
Cheese Roller Unknown
1st Kenny Rackers (30) Colorado USA
2nd Unknown
3rd Unknown


Just time to wave to the police helicopter before Race 2 (Bit expensive that?)

[Just as well SBS TV from South Korea dropped their intention to film from an Octocopter drone
the downwash from the "chopper" would surely have downed the lightweight craft and endangered the spectators]

And so, on to Race Two

That new, substitute plastic cheese is rubbish, it does not roll properly!

A runner disappears in a cloud of dust - It's usually muddy here.

Results for the Mens Downhill Cheese-Race, Race 2
Cheese Roller Unknown
1st Keleb Stalder Australia
2nd Unknown
3rd Unknown


Medical cover is on hand and alert to her surroundings, she'll be needed soon for some real injury!

Now it's the turn of the women to show how it's done

Just look at that fake cheese

They easily catch and then overtake it

Here's Lucy Townsend in her headlong dash past the "cheese"

She's well ahead now!

... and look her fellow runner has picked up that feeble cheese to ensure it gets to the finish line

 The Ladies Race was won by 16 year old Lucy Townsend from Brockworth 

Results for the Women's Downhill Cheese-Race, Race 3
Cheese Roller Unknown
1st Lucy Townsend
(She won the women's Race in 2012 too!)
Brockworth, GLOS UK
2nd Unknown
3rd Unknown


In a change from tradition there were two uphill races, one for children 

The winner arrives!

and the other for older competitors

Is that the Stars and Stripes of Kenny Rackers on the far side?

Yes... there he goes... and FAST too!

Almost at the finish line, he even paused to don a hat... 


before flinging it aside to his left...

Maybe someone else will want it to shelter from the hot sun

Here's the rest of the field, way behind Kenny.

Kenny's there, looking fresh to greet them!

Results for the Mens Uphill Cheese-Race
1st Kenny Rackers (30) Colorado USA
2nd Unknown
3rd Unknown


Time for some filming to get the atmosphere, facing the finish line, they need to move soon, it's not finished!

Its' causing serious interest from the spectators though

It's a great sunny day!

And so on to Race four...

They're off!

Mind you don't trip over that fake cheese!

Did he?

Here's help on the way at speed.

Help's here

With a little treatment and many pairs of helping hands he's on his way!

Results for the Mens Downhill Cheese-Race, Race 4
Cheese Roller Unknown
1st Ryan Fairley Brockworth, GLOS UK
2nd Unknown
3rd Unknown


At this point we normally see a number of "Non Cheese" Races, competitors running down just for the fun of it!

This year, tragically, will be different... There will only be one!

They wait patiently, unaware of what is about to happen...

The catchers from Brockworth RFC are ready...

They're off, the man in the red shirt on the extreme right in this photo will not cross the finish line for almost three hours!!!

He stumbled on the way down, near the top of the hill, crossing to the opposite side presumably to bet a better line to race down.

Now he's down and in need of help

The leg is obviously broken, just look at the way the foot is facing... that's not normal!

When help first arrived, he said he felt no pain at that point, that was about to change...

This was only one significant injury, a broken leg in the last race, 

this resulted in the attendance of a significant number of paramedics

First the event first aider

It's a hard climb from the finish line at the foot of the hill...

...there at last...

... seems to take ages, but it's only been one minute so far...

Then paramedics from the first SWAS Response Vehicle arrive... after only 21 minutes...

The police rush to find out what's happened?

The casualty is surrounded by medics and helpers forming a safety cordon

More SWAS Paramedics arrive... 56 minutes into the incident...

More Police - They seem more interested in the finish line below...

A few people are stupid enough to still run the course while the patient is being treated and vulnerable...

The first member of the fire and rescue service arrives to make an initial assessment...

It's now one hour and 24 minutes since the start of the incident...

More firemen arrive (yellow helmets)...

Now more fire & rescue personnel arrive with ropes and mountain rescue gear.

It's now 2 hours into the incident...

Plans are put in place for evacuation on a rigid stretcher with the aid of ropes anchored to the hill...

These guys are really quick, obviously well trained in this type of rescue...

The patient is lifted onto a rigid stretcher and strapped safely in...

The difficult descent commences, we are now two and a half hours in...

Rescuers walk slowly backwards, down the difficult slope, restrained by ropes from above the incident site.

A couple of times the stretcher jerks on the ropes and the casualty is heard to cry out in pain...
In spite of the medication, he feels every jolt, the adrenalin has worn off by now!

And now the final steps before detaching the ropes and carrying him to the waiting ambulance which will convey him to hospital in Gloucester

Time for the fire service to clear up, making sure they remove all the metal spikes they hammered into the hill to attach ropes, otherwise there may be another casualty.

Not too much to do but hang around, at least it's a sunny day.

The clearing up continued, few spectators remain on the hill, but one young lad has a last run, whether on purpose, or by accident, crossing the triple ropes between the two upper groups of fire service personnel...

He soon finds himself receiving some strong "advice" from the police...

...this included the advise that it was lucky for him that there were so many camera crews around!
[whatever that means?]

He immediately apologised, saying he was very sorry for his action, but the apology was dismissed!

...following this he was verbally abused (using an "F" word) by a member of the fire service (without a helmet) who was obviously very angry, he was led back to their Fire Tender vehicle by colleagues, leaving a shocked looking man, still on the ground.
Sadly a very sour note on which to close the day.
Apparently the only incident receiving the attention of the police, unless someone knows better?

Locals continued to clear-up the area, not a bit of litter, however small, is left to spoil this lovely area.

... and there it is, the hill turns back to nature to await 2014, just a few locals still enjoying this beautiful spring day.

The 2013 event is over, now the event needs some new sponsors to organise the 2014 event on a professional, free to attend INSURED event. 
RedBull would be an obvious contender with their vast experience in large outdoor events, anyone want to petition them?


So, in the end this incident involved a number of Paramedics from SWAS, several waves of firemen and finally a large police presence.

It took over 2 hours and 40 minutes for the casualty to be initially treated and stabilised then recovered from the hill before being sent off to hospital, well outside "The Golden Hour".

From the start of the event the police kept surveillance on the by their helicopter which hovered and circled above at times this actually caused problems with communication between top and bottom of the hill and with instructions shouted to the spectators who, at times could not hear over the noise of the helicopter. 

At least the occupants were assured a good view of the crowds waving at them!

One would be runner received a stern warning from the police... ending with;

"It's lucky for you there are so many cameras around"

He was then verbally abused by a fireman who swore at him! ... adding I have children at home.

He had run down after the casualty had been recovered, stumbles and almost collided with a fireman.

He apologised for his action but the apology was dismissed!


Emergency recovery and treatment was administered more swiftly in the past, up to 2009, when St john Ambulance were in attendance, in number and with their own ambulances. In those days S.A.R.A.I.D. (Search and rescue assistance in disasters) were always on hand and deployed on the hill in readiness before the vent would start. It was exactly two hours from the time of injury until the fire service deployed crew with ropes and climbing gear in order to start to plan a recovery. It then took a further 40 minutes to get the casualty into an ambulance.


Parking was made available as last year in a field behind the Cross Hands Public house, now the Toby Carvery, in Brockworth, making access for visitors less traumatic.

A number of cars were observed to have been parked on the A46 neat cooper's hill, curiously these did not appear to have fixed penalty notices attached as they would have in previous years.

The following chronicles events leading up to the 2013 event.

No Cheese for the Cheese-Rolling?

Cheese rolling gran in police Double Gloucester ban (Gloucester Citizen) 

"Food rationing was introduced in 1941 so a wooden ‘cheese’ was used until 1954. It was covered in paper and was decorated with the familiar red and blue ribbons. It had a small hole inside the packing where a tiny piece of cheese was placed, to maintain the ‘rolling of cheese’! Special permission was granted for this by the Ministry of Food." - Maybe this is the answer?

'Can You Give It' - The New Exclusive Music Video Starring Chris Anderson

Winner of Two Cheeses In The 2009 Cheese Rolling At Cooper's Hill

The single from The Maccabees...'Can You Give It' was released on 6th July 2009.

The video is a documentation of tradition that takes place every year in the U.K
and it's a look at one person who takes part in the event and how they get on...
Check out the video and see how he gets on!

Gloucester 5-Day Weather Forecast (UK Met Office).

A complete list of Holidays and Observances in the United Kingdom are available here:

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The age old tradition of Cheese Rolling at Cooper's Hill in Gloucestershire

In 2013 the tradition of Cheese Rolling at Cooper's Hill 
continued unbroken arranged by local enthusiasts
, nobody seemed to care it was a sponge (cheese) this year

Coopers Hill Local Nature Reserve is well worth a visit especially in the springtime.

A local nature reserve, 2 miles south of Brockworth on A46, with nationally important beech woodlands and a waymarked walking trail.

At the top, and again at the bottom of the famous hill, sturdy picket fencing has been erected...

...to prevent access to and erosion of the hill.


The view from the top of the Cheese-Rolling hill 

A view from the top of Cooper's Hill in Gloucestershire, where the famous Cheese-Rolling takes place.
This picture is taken from the start point of the race, and the finish is visible below. The actual running surface is concave, and hence cannot be seen from this point.

2009 - The Last "Official" Event

The Organization of the event up to the disbanding of the organizing committee of the Cheese Rolling at Cooper's Hill the Spring of 2011

Following the 2009 Police report that an estimated 15,000 people were trying to get to the event, it was clear that things would have to change.

It is estimated that the hill can only accommodate about 5000 & a report for the HSE confirmed this was the estimated number attending at Cooper's hill in 2009.

In 2009 a report was prepared for the Health & Safety Executive by Professor Chris Kemp Teresa Moore of the Buckinghamshire New University entitled "A Review of the management of crowd safety at outdoor street/special events" containing a study of the organization and running of the Cheese-Rolling at Cooper's Hill.

This report praised the organisation of the Cheese Rolling at Coopers Hill.
Special mention was made, regarding the important advice given to the public at in general by this web site (www.cheese-rolling.co.uk), information that was not made available in concise form elsewhere, specifically relating to the unique circumstances surrounding this event and the location at Cooper's Hill.

This report confirmed that the estimated number of people attending the event was 5000, the hill being full to capacity.


To contact www.cheese-rolling.co.uk (this site) Email info@cheese-rolling.co.uk



Since 1988, the cheeses have been hand-made by Mrs. Diana Smart of Churcham, using milk from her herd of Brown Swiss, Holstein and Gloucester cows.  
Since 1988, the cheeses have been hand-made by Mrs. Diana Smart of Churcham - She is the only person in Gloucestershire now making Double Gloucester cheeses by hand, using traditional methods.
She is the only person in Gloucestershire now making Double Gloucester cheeses by hand, using traditional methods.

The Double Gloucester Cheese Explained - The Single Gloucester Cheese too!

Car Park Location - Car Parking is no longer available at the event
(O.S. SO888147)
(N51:49:51 - W2:09:50)
(UK Postcode GL3 4SB)

 A total of 93 Penalty Charge Notices were issued on the 25th May 2009 in the vicinity of the cheese rolling event by Tewkesbury Borough council for parking offences. 
PCNs are charged at £70, however if payment is received within 14 days of issue, the charge is reduced by 50% to £35.

BBC Local Weather Forecast for Gloucester including Coopers Hill

Latest Weather Satellite Image (Visible)     Latest Weather Satellite Image (Infra-Red)     Latest Rainfall Radar

The festival was originally held at midsummer but was moved at some time to Whitsuntide, taking place on Whit Monday.

In 1967, the Bank Holiday was moved from the Church's Whitsun Festival to become a 'Spring Bank Holiday' to be on the last Monday in May each year.

The 'Cheese Rolling and Wake' was also moved to that day.

Notice on the hill.


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