Where to stay

Hotel accommodation may be found at;

Cheltenham and Gloucester Chase Hotel 2.1 miles*

Premier Inn Brockworth Gloucester 2.1 miles*

Ramada Jarvis Hotels (2) Gloucester 2.2 & 3.9 miles

Premier Inn,  Little Witcombe (Glos) 2.3 miles*

Premier Inn Barnwood Gloucester 4.3 miles

Painswick Hotel Painswick (Glos) 4.4 miles

Holiday Inn (Gloucester-Cheltenham) 4.5 miles

Holiday Inn Express (Gloucester-South) (M5, JCT.12) 12.0 miles (16 Minutes)

* These hotels have properties within sight of the Cheese Rolling hill.
(They are also within easy walking distance of the hill)

For local, inexpensive B&B accommodation 
please see Cheltenham Racing Accommodation or contact  
Liz Coe on 01242 234729.
All B&B guests are assured a warm welcome and a hearty breakfast to set them up for the day.

For more B&B / Camping information we suggest that you contact 'Gloucester Tourist Information'

The bottom of the hill is approximately 0.6 miles from the junction of Nuthill lane with the A46
Distances shown are approximate, on-road routes from the hill.

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